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PASTORAL Research Trial Results for CALF SUPREME

Results: Treated calves grew 8 inches taller at shoulder by weaning with no loose manure or health problems.

Treatment: Calf Supreme

Trial details: 10 calves treated . Farmers field trial. After an outbreak of loose manure a farmer trialed Calf Supreme against rival product. Within 48hours Calf Supreme treated calves had returned to normal bowel movements, with little improvement in groups treated with rival product. He kept using Calf Supreme until weaning. Height and health differences were obvious with height easily measured.

The trials presented here are conducted by both agricultural scientists and clients. Thus a healthy balance exists between formal well conducted studies and on farm field results. Farmers, scientists and consultants have many different views on the usefulness of trials; objections include, efficacy, independence, and the fact that companies only present the good ones etc. Examples supporting these arguments are easy to find within the agricultural industry.

As a company we plan for the bulk of our sales growth to be through repeat business and word of mouth. Thus, it is in our best interests to present trials which represent the potential our products can deliver on a consistent and reliable basis. Biohelp (NZ) Ltd would like to reassure readers that the trials presented here are accurate, contain no bias, and the results have been consistent.