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Biohelp (NZ) Ltd (since 2001) is an innovative biotechnology company who manufacture and promote 'new generation' biotech products for superior performance and development in cropping, pastural, horticultural, environmental and animal health. Biohelp products are based on proven technology which promotes the use of non-modified natural organisms and plants. This offers practical solutions to growing problems resulting in greater health and sustainable prosperity. Our products enjoy a reputation for unprecedented quality and reliability.

The traditional approach to Biohealth has been single applications of single-focused chemical products. Biohelp's approach provides a progressive and natural alternative, which provides a wider range of benefits over a longer period, including providing benefits for soil, plants, animals, the environment and people.

Biohelp technology delivers its benefits compounding over time unlike single-hit solutions with a short term focus. For example, a mixed cropping farmer who had a long history with a low performing paddock applied CropZest to stimulate crop growth. In the first year, that paddock outperformed his best-performing paddocks and the following year a further quantum leap ensued. Examples of the wider range of benefits also include improved ground water quality, less risk to humans and soil development. This provides a truly sustainable future for farmers of all kinds.

Products and Services

Agriculture is our primary market. We offer superior, practical, affordable, and easy to use solutions that truly expand soil, crop, pasture, silage and animal health performance with positive environmental effects. Our products provide multiple benefits which compound with time and produce outstanding performance.

Our free advisory service and highly skilled staff ensures our clients get up to date advice on how best to use our products within their farm management programs providing maximum returns with minimum effort.

They are irrigator friendly and many can be added with chemical and liquid / suspension fertiliser avoiding extra application costs.

We deliver added performance without added stress.

In addition we also make a small range of excellent products for domestic animals and environmental improvement.