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Live microbial inoculant for effluent
Reduces odour and promotes healthy effluent breakdown
Minimises surface tension and keeps ponds cleaner
Inoculates the pastures with beneficial microorganisms

Highly effective

The safe breakdown of raw sewage requires the right types of micro-organism. Effluent 200 is designed for this process. Effluent 200 is designed to help you maximise the returns from dairy effluent and assist environmental health.
Beneficial micro-organism inoculants have been found to keep storage tank/piping systems cleaner, reduce surface tension on tank waste, reduce odour, and reduce environmental impact.
Healthy sewage breakdown is also important for stock health and pasture usage. Recent NZ studies have indicated stock are much happier eating pasture treated with inoculated effluent compared to untreated effluent.

Performs beyond expectations

Professionals around the world are turning to the incredible power of micro-organisms to treat organic wastes. Safe recycling is the focus. For example Waste Management Engineers in MacKay, Australia use biological inoculants throughout the cities sewage system to reduce odours and help keep pipes clean.
Microorganisms like the ones found in effluent 200 are also used in isolated coastal tourist hotels where safe odourless effluent treatment is essential. Restuarants and hotels are able to pump treated waste onto the gardens immediately surrounding the hotel without odours and health risks. The microbes actually contribute to the breakdown of the waste once it hits the soil.
Plants grow healthier and stronger.

Simple and Easy to Use

Add the equivalent of 0.5 - 1L / week. Ideal is 1L / 10,000 L of effluent.

Available Now

Effluent 200 is available in 20L and 200Lcontainers.
We deliver it and have a very competitive transport service that can deliver 200L and 1000L containers with ease.

Priced to Use

Effluent 200 is highly affordable. Bulk discounts are available.

Order yours now, get started today!

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