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Rumen Supreme

Rumen Supreme
Ideal for lambs, ewes, cattle, deer
Optimises digestive function and feed conversion
Can be mixed with drench so there’s no extra work
Great for boosting lamb growth (30 to 55%)


Highly effective

Biohelp Rumen Supreme is a nutritional feed supplement to assist rumen performance and negate the negative effects of stress on stock. Research has shown that stress upsets the critical balance of rumen microflora reducing digestion. Even under ideal conditions it can take up to 9 days for the microflora to recover and for normal digestion to return. Valuable feed is wasted and stock performance compromised. A small dose of Rumen Supreme acts as a catalyst stimulating rumen bacteria and
restoring healthy digestion.
Stock also receive significant levels of the well known anti-stress vitamins A,D, & E. Studies have indicated NZ pastures can be deficient in these vitamins. All this adds up to more reliable results more often.
Rumen Supreme also contains seaweed extracts, and high
concentrations of digestive enzymes.

Performs beyond expectations

Rumen Supreme has delivered some exceptional results in controlled trials conducted by clients.
“With our better lambs trials have produced growth rates of 55gm/day ( 44%) above un-treated lambs over 54 days. This represented $3/lamb net gain. The previous year with tail end lambs on drought stricken pastures we got increases of 35gms/day (32%). There also appears to be less dirty lambs.
The immediate ROI is very good, plus lambs are off the property faster.”
- A Boyce, Waimate.

“Winter lambs were drafting at 50% below normal AND DRENCH WASN’T HELPING. We were losing valuable winter feed. Six weeks after using Rumen Supreme lambs were drafting as normal with better weights than expected.”
- G Rabbitte, Southland.

Simple and Easy to Use

Drench (preferably) or add to feed or water. Rumen Supreme may be added with parasite and or mineral drenches.
Dose rates should be adjusted to suit the level of stress.
Lambs: 2-4 ml
Ewes: 5-7 ml Rams: 7 ml

Calves: 4-5 ml
Yearlings: 10-15 ml
Cows, Bulls, Steers: 20-25ml

Fawn: 4-5 ml
Yearlings/Adults: 5-8 ml Stags: 7-12 ml

Available Now

Rumen Supreme is available in 1L, 5L, 20L containers. It can be couriered to your door. It is most effective if used within 8 months. For volumes over 10L we also offer an extra service, where extra minerals can be added to suit the specific deficiencies of your property, e.g. extra cobalt and iodine is common prior to mating and for lamb fattening.

Priced to Use

Rumen Supreme is the most complete product of this type on the market and has many extra ingredients for no extra cost. Bulk pricing applies.

Order yours now, get started today!

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