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Live microbial inoculant - Silage, Balage, Haylage
Superior inoculants creating superior silage
Less waste and more quality
Ready to use as is - a contractors dream

Highly effective

Optisile contains effective Lactic acid bacteria, plus yeasts and digestive enzymes to expand the potential of your silage and balage. They are true microbial workers - well prepared for your requirements!
There is little difference in the costs of making poor and high quality silage, but in terms of animal performance, the difference can be chalk and cheese. Selecting the right additive for the job is important for achieving top quality silage. Optisile is your best choice!
Optisile adds and promotes lactic acid bacteria. These produce Lactic acid, reducing the pH and promoting a faster, cooler fermentation. Cool fermentations are needed to preserve and enhance the nutritional quality of your feed. Lactic acid bacteria also suppress the development of butyric acid, molds and unwanted fungi.
In silage production, the formation of Butyric acid generates heat, destroying much of the nutritional qualities of the feed - most undesirable! Increasing the volume of Lactic acid producing bacteria in your silage / balage creates top quality feed - reduced shrinkage, less waste, better palatability, better digestibility, better dry matter intakes, better stock performance, meat / milk.
Optisile is the best way to maximise your profits, plus expand your feed and stock potential.

Simple and Easy to Use

Optisile is in liquid form. Optisile is simply added to water and sprayed onto silage / balage prior to stacking or rapping.
Application rates are 290ml of Optisile / tonne. ( or 200 ml / 700kg bale)

Available Now

Optisile is available in 20L, 200L, and 1000L containers.

Priced to Use

Optisile is priced to use and is highly affordable.

Order yours now, get started today!

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