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Pasture Plus

Pasture Plus
For pasture, Hay and Silage, cereal crops
A superior alternative to nitrogen fertiliser
Sensational trial and field performance compared to N fertilisers
Improved pasture quality and clover production
Supports the development of deeper, warmer, biologically active soil

Proven, and tested

Pasture Plus contains the same active ingredients as Pasture Grow but has added nitrogen for faster short term results. It’s friendly on both stock health and the environment. It also contains catalysts to expand and activate the living potential of your soil. NZ law defined it as a liquid fertiliser but it uses quite different technology and produces significantly different results. Not all products are created equal! Note .Other minerals can be added to meet your specific requirements.

Performs beyond expectations

Pasture Plus produces absolutely superior market leading performance.
Superior to high Nitrogen. Scientifically valid trials under different conditions have consistently yielded 70% above high Nitrogen applications at both 4 and 8 weeks growth. Alternating high N with Pasture Plus has also been a very effective way of increasing dry matter response and reducing the volume of Nitrogen used.
GUTs in the pasture. Pasture Plus produces shorter grass indicative of greater quality, when compared to the tall lush growth typical of most NPK fertilisers. Trials regularly yield better dry matter percentages as well. Grass with GUTS is what many clients comment on.
Soil development. Clients have noticed soil development may continue for up to 2 years after application. Significant changes have been observed after only 12 weeks.
Multiple and compounding benefits. As your soil gets more active and efficient at producing its own nitrogen more and more nitrogen can be removed from the pasture management program without loss of yield. A compounding effect occurs.

Simple and Easy to Use

Application is easy and saves you time and money. Apply direct through a conventional spray boom, direct injection into an irrigator, mix with chemical, or Fine Particle Fertiliser. Pasture Plus has been prefiltered to ensure no particles will block spray boom or irrigation nozzles. Application
rates are 20L/Ha. Pasture Plus is safe for stock and has no withholding period. Clear instructions are on the label and we have support systems in place to answer any further questions. It’s really simple and easy for you.

Available Now

Pasture Plus is sold in 200L, and 1000L containers. It is delivered to your door using a specialist agricultural transport operator. Pasture Plus is most effective if used within 6 months of manufacture date.

Priced to Use

Significant bulk pricing incentives are available. Pasture Plus is priced to compete with Nitrogen. Major advantages occur when applied through an irrigator. You get expanding pasture performance with soil development benefits absolutely free. How does it get any better than that?

Order yours now, get started today!

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