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Specific for lamb fattening and ewes
Better lamb performance
Supports healthier digestion and therefore less dagging
Supports stronger lamb health
Better net profits
Improves feed utilisation
Great for boosting lamb growth (30 to 55%)

Highly effective

LAMBEX is a comprehensive nutritional feed supplement to maximise lamb performance, digestive health, assist rumen performance, and negate the negative effects of stress on lamb development. Research has shown that stress upsets the critical balance of rumen microflora reducing digestion. Even under ideal conditions it can take up to 9 days for the rumen microflora to recover and for normal digestion to return. Stress factors include tailing, weaning, feed changes, drenching, transporting, droughts and storms.


In addition significant levels of Vitamins A and E help negate the immune suppressing effects of stress, encouraging stronger health and survival.


LAMBEX also contains seaweed extracts, and high concentrations of digestive enzymes, which are essential for converting the potential in your feed into nutritional compounds much needed for growth and health.


Finally LAMBEX is completed with significant additions of trace elements (and the all important Vitamin B12) that most often limit lamb production, but are difficult to overdose in a one off shot. Most New Zealand pastures are deficient in these trace elements at critical times of the year.


LAMBEX is safe to use either on its own or as a valuable additive to worm drenches that contain mineral additives.

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