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Brassica Green

Brassica Green
Ideal application for brassicas
Develops high yielding, healthy, more profitable crops.
Extra minerals for better plant and stock performance.
Supports soil improvement biology, temperature, and depth.
Creates better use of applied nutrient.
An effective way to get excellent crop yields without Nitrogen fertiliser.

Highly effective

Brassica’s typically require a booster part way through their growth in order to maximise their potential. Brassica Green provides an alternative to traditional fertilisers with added advantages. Brassica’s have a high natural capacity to absorb substances through their broad leaf surface. Brassica Green takes advantage of this natural plant strength. Nutrients and plant growth stimulants are absorbed quickly through the plant leaves.

In addition extra magnesium, boron, zinc, and copper improve the quality of the plant as a stock feed.

Unlike standard crop boosters, like granular Nitrogen, Brassica Green has a positive effect on soil life and improving the quality of your soil. It is also environmentally friendly – it produces multiple benefits and compounding returns.

We would like to make it quite clear that Brassica Green is not a traditional liquid fertiliser in a different package. This biotechnology is quite different and as one long term liquid fertiliser user put it “the results have been quite fantastic”.

Performs beyond expectations

“We used the complete Biohelp Brassica program and won the district Swede competition by 4.4 tons/Ha with the best quality and evenness. We never used any granular Nitrogen. We applied it with the insecticide so there was no extra application costs.” Westmere farm partnership.

“We had a sick crop to rescue. It failed to respond to traditional Nitrogen, so we gave it a shot of Brassica Green. It turned it around and became a very high yielding crop.” Field Consultant.

"We won the district Swede competition by 4.4 tons/Ha using Biohelps brassica products"

Simple and easy to use

Add 15-20 Litres / Ha. Mixed with water and spray by ground or air. Can be applied through irrigation systems. Extra minerals can be added to suit and it can be mixed with insecticides.

Available Now

Brassica Green is available to order. We deliver it freight free to your preferred destination.

Priced to Use

Brassica Green is priced to use and is highly affordable.

Order yours now, get started today!

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