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Life For People

Life For People
Ideal for all people
Nutritional support for digestive health.
Stronger digestion leads to healthier immune system,
joint health, colon health, skin health, energy and overall vitality.

Assistance for the digestive system. Stronger healthier digestion facilitates better joint health, immunity, skin health, temperament, energy and overall vitality.
LIFE is a liquid seaweed vinegar.
LIFE for People, was originally designed to provide a solution for people suffering from poorly functioning gut systems. During my work over the last 7 years with animals it has become apparent to me that an enormous range of ailments begin in the gut system either with poor digestive enzymes or with poor beneficial bacterial numbers. In animals, we observed a large number of ailments that either disappeared or were reduced by the addition of a product that we called Biohelp, Dogs and Cats. In treating the pets we also found that an enormous number of people also suffer from a similar range of conditions.

After 2 years of people pestering me for a human product, I finally relented and set about creating something that might help a few people have a better quality of life. Life for People was created.

In order to avoid enormous expense in getting the product to you, the NZ food labeling authority advised us to call this product a vinegar. Unfortunately this severely restricts the type of information we can present to you. The health benefits of vinegar have been known for centuries. Vinegar is created by fermenting beneficial bacteria in various mediums. Most commonly these produce acetic acid. But variations can be created dependent on the substances used as a medium and the manufacturing process. Different organic acids can be created as well as acetic acid. By controlling the production process we can create a product specifically designed to support and encourage digestive health and beneficial microorganisms within the digestive tract. In turn this can have a positive impact on health.

Under NZ law many different products could be classified as vinegar.
LIFE is not your normal household vinegar.

LIFE for people is a nutritional food subsatnce of a sorts. It is not a therapeutic substance and any effects in symptom relief come as a result of your own body functioning more smoothly. The response to nutritional substances varies from person to person. Some get amazing relief and others unfortunately very little. LIFE for people is no different. Most of our customers have severe complaints and are already taking medication of sum sort. In spite of this our repeat business is over 50%, with a lot of very positive feedback from people who exhibit politically sensitive health issues. We remind you that stronger healthier digestion facilitates better joint health, immunity, skin health, temperament, energy and overall vitality.
We sincerely hope that it helps you.

LIFE for people is only sold direct from the manufacturer.

Packaging and Pricing LIFE comes in a 250ml bottle for $44 including GST and freight. 

The daily dose is 5ml (1 teaspoon), so, 1 bottle will last 50 days

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