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Ideal application for pasture crops and soil
Develops high yielding, healthier, more profitable soil
Supports disease suppression in plants and soil
Improves soil structure, temperature, and depth
Creates better organic matter decomposition and nutrient recycling
Optimises soil biological activity and balance
A living soil inoculant taking soil and crop potential to new heights

Highly effective

Microlife is a highly concentrated “blend” of living soil organisms selected for their beneficial effect on plant and animal production systems. By incorporating co-prosperity technology, multiple effects and compounding benefits are possible. Microlife’s focus is on soil improvement and disease suppression followed by yield enhancement. Microlife helps create, high yielding disease suppressive soils supportive of plant root development and natural nitrogen fixation. It reverses the damage caused by the overuse of agrichemicals. Microlife is also the best way to get better use of the nutrients in soil reserves.

Performs beyond expectations

Microlife produces world leading performance.
Yields in crops. Ag Research trials have proven the effectiveness of co-prosperity technology offered by Biohelp(NZ) Ltd in Onions, Peas, and Maize. Microorganisms technology was superior to both fertiliser and liquid fertilisers. Many clients comment on the improved quality of crops. Soil development. Clients have noticed soil improvements in just a few months, but changes are possible for years. Typically, clients comment on the ease of tillage after using microlife. Disease suppression. Microlifes is highly effective in reducing problematic diseases in soil. Very significant crop losses (over 20%) from Fusarium root rot in Yams, Scab in potatoes, and Sclerotinia in sunflowers, have been reduced to less than 1% using Microlife. Multiple and compounding benefits. Improving the soil health and depth helps both the initial crop and subsequent crops. The effects begin to compound. Soils get deeper and softer and crops get better and better. Water is utilised more efficiently as well.

Simple and Easy to Use

Application is easy and saves you time and money. Apply direct through a conventional spray boom, direct injection into an irrigator, or mix with liquid fertilisers. Microlife has been prefiltered to ensure no particles will block spray boom or irrigation nozzles. Application rates are around 1L/Ha. Microlife has no withholding period for stock and can be applied any time of year. Clear instructions are on the label and we have support systems in place to answer any further questions. Guideline programs are available for individual crops with clear instructions on when to apply.

Available Now

Microlife is sold in 20L, 200L,and 1000L containers. It is delivered to your door using a specialist agricultural transport operator. Small volumes can be couriered to your doorstep. Microlife is most effective if used within 3 months of manufacture date. Pre-ordering is recommended.

Priced to Use

Significant bulk pricing incentives are available. Microlife is priced be used as a regular part of your farm operation. Major advantages occur when applied through an irrigator. How does it get any better than this?

Order yours now, get started today!

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