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Hay And Silage

Pasture plus maximises hay and silage production and trials have shown it is superior to 40 - 50 Units Nitrogen over both a 4 and 8 week growth period.
In addition the dry matter content was superior to that produced by Nitrogen.
A shorter denser growth response helps to maximise the quality in the grass when compared with tall lush grass which turns yellow in the bottom of the sward due to a lack of light.

Silage / Balage inoculation - Optisile

Microorganisms control the fermenting processes used to create silage.
Superior silage production Superior silage production.
Too many butyric acid forming microbes at the start of the silage production process causes the heat in the stack to rise. This effectively cooks the feed. Valuable nutrient quality is lost and the risk of spoilage is greatly increased.

The easiest way to prevent this is to inoculate the silage with Optisile.

Optisile provides strong Lactic acid producing bacteria. This encourages a cool fermentation and preserves the nutritional qualities of the grass to maximise stock performance. Optisile is very affordable and has a superb shelf life in an activated state ( 4 months). This means you donšt have to worry about wasting valuable product if you have to stop production for several days.
This is especially helpful for contractors.

Pasture Plus

Pasture Plus

For pasture, Hay and Silage, cereal crops
A superior alternative to nitrogen fertiliser Sensational trial and field performance compared to N fertilisers Improved pasture quality and clover production Supports the development of deeper, warmer, biologically active soil



Live microbial inoculant - Silage, Balage, Haylage
Superior inoculants creating superior silage Less waste and more quality Ready to use as is - a contractors dream