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I love horses, and I love seeing them healthy and happy.
The advent of small paddocks containing few plantspecies and even fewer shrubs and herbs has created an environment where the horse can no longer self regulate its gut flora and mineral intake. Modern stressors such as competition, floating over long distances, stabling, etc have placed even greater pressures on the maintenance of healthy gut and metabolic function.

This has lead
Wild horses
to a new range of products within the market to assist in horse health and the reduction of "equine stress". The benefits of probiotics and minerals on horse health have been well documented worldwide.

Our high quality products are designed to increase horse health and especially digestive function; assist the horse in reducing the effects of equine stress; and create stronger, healthier, happier horses.
This most often leads to greater performance and less health expenses.

Equine Supreme

Equine Supreme

For Horses, donkeys, and lamas
Ideal for both sports horses wanting added performance and for hacks. Fights the negative effects of equine stress. Maintains and restores digestive function. Fast effective relief for broad range of complaints. Highly recommended.