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Calf Supreme Testimonials

I have used Calf Supreme for 3 seasons and found that calf-rearing problems have been reduced to nil. Considering the changes in weather conditions that we experience on this side of the Alps. We recommend Calf Supreme as the number one product.
– Stephen & Lynley Langridge, Taramakau Valley, West Coast.
Only year I have not needed to use Sulphur based or electrolyte products to treat digestive failure in Bobby Calves – Nil Vet Bill !!!! Calves healthier and bigger.
- AS Henderson, St Andrew
Absolutely Brilliant
Ease of use a big plus. Noticed big Improvement in calves in 3 days. Wouldn’t hesitate to use Calf Supreme again.
- Alan Cochrane
Calf Supreme is a great product, will be using it for years to come.
Very happy with the results!
Cheers, Mark Foster
11th Dec 06
Calves were treated at the recommended dosage. They did well and went ahead. Two calves that suffered from loose manure a bit were dosed at the larger recommended amounts and came right after 48 hours. The calves were weaned at 7 weeks and at 13 weeks were weighed at 108kgs average. The pens were cleaner and no other medications were used.

Good calves fed for at least 7 days on colostrums and favourable weather conditions were also a factor in producing good calves this year.
- Lindsay Weller
Being introduced to Calf Supreme I found Calf Supreme contributed to calves keen to drink at each feed, being happy because of more energy and helped suppress loose manure along with revitalised any off colour calves quickly.

The benefits of Calf Supreme in my view are fantastic, giving the very young a booster start to life, keeping calves healthy and preventing sickness and growing to a stronger and more even line because of increased food utilisation as well as preventing any checks in growth upon weaning by being able to utilise all solid food introduced to them.
Calf Supreme is Superb!!
- Nick & Wendy Stewart, Methven
Please note: We have had to alter some words commonly used by our clients and the industry in order to comply with ACVM regulations. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Calf Supreme is a dietary supplement designed to enhance, maintain and restore digestive function.