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Massive expansion and the need for profit performance has resulted in changes in the way most calves are reared. New problems have occurred and the systems and pressures of calf rearing have changed. Previously little mentioned diseases, have become stronger and more prevalent. The demand for stronger calves, reared with greater ease, and the need for animal
performance has become more important than ever.

How an animal develops in the first few weeks of life sets the platform for the rest of its life. A poor start in life makes any of us more susceptible to other health problems as we go through life. Research suggests it can also limit the production potential of the calf later in life. Maximising Rumen and digestive system development is also of critical importance for expanding the production potential of the cow. One of our clients pointed out -"a cow with a 500kg/season potential can soon become a 325Kg/season cow if you don't put the effort into your young stock." The first 8 week of life are the most important.

Many people feed their calves well. However, the breakdown and utilisation of that feed is often compromised by the immaturity of the developing digestive system.

Our products provide the best technology available for assisting the calf in its ability to create a stronger, healthier constitution. This also creates less work and struggle for our calf rearing clients.

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Calf Supreme

Calf Supreme

Ideal application for: all calves - birth to weaning
Innoculates the rumen Supports digestive bacteria Supports rumen development Healthier happier calves Maximise stock potential