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Biohelp Multiple Compounding Benefits

Multiple benefits are truly wonderful

Example of compound benefits. Our product, "Microlife", has significantly increase yields in potatoes, decrease disease pressure and chemical usage, create deeper softer cleaner soils, increased nutrient uptake, increased root depth, and increased soil temperature.

Using biotechnology we can achieve what was previously impossible.
For example Microlife innoculates your soil with living organisms that encourage yield, disease suppression, soil development, and better nutrient utilization, all at the same time.
Multiple benefits products like Microlife allow you to address current problems and in addition expand the future potential of your farm for no extra cost.

Compounding with time:

Biohelps biotechnology is designed to continue to gain momentum as more is applied.
For example a dairy farmer treated his worst soils on the farm replacing every second Nitrogen application with Pasture Plus and Microlife. After 6 months he found he was growing so much grass that he could replace even more Nitrogen without loss of production. In the first season the treated area took a massive leap forward in production moving a considerable way towards his best producing soils. In the second season of treatment a further quantum leap ensued - 90% of the Nitrogen fertiliser was replaced and the production advanced a further 50%, bringing the block into the same production capacity as his best soils. So over 2 seasons the treated area advanced its pasture production significantly (more than 30%), Nitrogen usage was reduced from 400units to 40units, cow numbers were increased significantly, cow health improved significantly, soil temperatures increased 20% in Spring, and nitrate leaching was eliminated.

The client's comment was "sh.. this stuff of yours grows grass."

These are multiple benefits, compounding over time!