Introducing biohelp

Biohelp (NZ) Ltd (since 2001) is an innovative biotechnology company. We manufacture and promote 'new generation' biotech products for superior performance and development in cropping, pastural, horticultural, environmental and animal health. Biohelp products are based on proven technology which promotes the use of non-modified natural organisms and plants. This offers practical solutions to growing problems resulting in greater health and sustainable prosperity. Our products enjoy a reputation for unprecedented quality and reliability.
Biohelp technology delivers its benefits compounding over time unlike single-hit solutions with a short term focus.This provides a truly sustainable future for farmers of all kinds.

Our Most recent studies

Nitrate leaching from cow urine reduced by 67% in a comparison study against conventional fertiliser. Autumn 2019 - Read more

Wheat - in field study grain yields measured 30% above untreated areas 5 weeks prior to harvest and no extra cost to farmer. Jan 2019.

Products & Services

Agriculture is our primary market. Our products provide multiple benefits which compound with time and produce outstanding performance.
They are irrigator friendly and many can be added with chemical and liquid / suspension fertiliser avoiding extra application costs.

Our free advisory service and highly skilled staff ensures our clients get up to date advice on how best to use our products within their farm management programs providing maximum returns with minimum effort.

We deliver added performance without added stress.

Produced and trialed for New Zealand conditions…By New Zealanders

"The results have been quite fantastic for us. We have removed monthly Nitrogen applications….we simply haven't needed them. In addition we have grown so much feed that we have also removed most of our feed supplements. Our lives have become a lot less stressful." Shadbolt & Larkem Dairying

It is now recognised worldwide that biotechnology
is the only way to create an abundant, healthy future.